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This cardiovascular training class focuses on endurance, strength, and overall calorie blast! Taught by Coach Paul Barrow, a highly motivational and inspirational instructor, this class will push your muscle and your mind to its limits. Every class is slightly different, thereby keeping the fun and intensity alive. Offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm, this fun hour long class will show you the muscles you didn’t even know you had.




readyBEGINNERS WELCOME!  Every day FrontLine Fitness Trainers bring a new WoD.  Starting with a warm up and instructional class that focuses on proper form and technique to ensure proper training and prevention of injury and culminating in a scientifically designed program for total body development. These workouts vary from 15 to 45 minutes and intensity level, and will be customized or scaled to each individuals fitness level.  All fitness levels will benefit. 






MMA Level 1wrest

Basic Mixed Martial Arts instruction; grappling, ground & pound, wrestling and basic striking techniques and maneuvers are taught in this hour long session by Coach Paul. Designed for beginner to intermediate fighters, this class will improve your overall fighting ability and techniques.


Advanced Striking and Level 2 MMA

tuesday night tough014_nThe elite Mixed Martial Artist will benefit from this advanced striking class. Coach Danny focuses on cardiovascular training and overall conditioning in this vigorous 2 hour session. This class involves intense sparring and is designed to improve overall fitness, skill, and intensity for the advanced individual looking for an intense and quality MMA workout.  When preparing for a professional fight, this class may be closed to the public and no filming is allowed. 



Coach Mahmoud instructs our Wednesday evening Wrestling class. Starting with an intense yet fun warmup and workout, he takes the class to the mat for lessons in wrestling positions, stances, drives, takedowns, holds, gymnastics and techniques. Mahmoud makes learning and working out fun, while challenging even the advanced wrestler. This is a class for everyone, beginner or advanced, old or young, come one, come all! wrestling




Our Jiu-Jitsu class is designed for beginner and intermediate students. All are welcome to try this art form consisting of grappling, striking, and additional MMA combat maneuvers. Like all of our FrontLine classes, it begins with a structured warmup and workout, followed by intense instruction on the mat and a series of stretches and cool down techniques.



Saturday morning yoga is led by FrontLine Fitness owner Carla Hall. This is a fast paced flow series yoga class designed for improving overall flexibility and fat burning. You will feel stretched and refreshed. This is a challenging workout everyone will enjoy!





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